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We believe in the value of keeping things small

Instead of trying to produce something that will appeal somewhat to everyone, we prefer to make something that will delight a small audience of like-minded individuals. Our readers have an affinity for our story and make Slow Drive what it is by generously sharing it with others. While we may not have a huge print run, our reach is vast thanks to the fact that we are passed among friends, displayed on coffee tables in homes, studios, offices, even waiting rooms and given as gifts.  We are endlessly grateful to the community that makes this happen.


We believe in inspiring others to follow their dreams by being 100% transparent and real

Things aren’t always clear skies and sparkly tropical water. And hey, you know what? That’s okay! We want Slow Drive to speak that truth and show our readers that despite the hiccups (mostly, in fact, because of them), life is still a great adventure and worth pursuing with all your heart.


We believe in partnerships not promotions

Slow Drive would not be possible or sustainable without the support of brands and individuals who share similar values. While we steer clear of anything that looks like ‘hype’, we’re all for sincere partnerships and lasting relationships.


We believe in going the extra mile and exceeding expectations

There really is no satisfaction in rushing toward a destination. At Slow Drive we’ve found that the joy lies in the process. In the making of something beautiful and tangible and with a sense of permanence. For us the value lies in the little things – hand-written notes, wax stamps, twine and personal deliveries.


We are proudly South African

While we love the fact that our readers and contributors hail from all corners of the globe, Slow Drive is firmly rooted in South African soil. We have a fierce appreciation for our country’s natural beauty and cultural complexity, undoubtedly cultivated by hours spent gazing at its ever-changing scenery from the passenger seats of family cars. Road trips are the fodder on which our wanderlust was raised and we have our parents to thank a thousand times over for that. Ultimately it’s also this deep-seated love for the road (especially the unique local culture surrounding it) that we’d like to share with our readers.


Sustainability, our way

Firstly, we will not produce a new volume until every last copy of the current volume is sold out. This way nothing goes to waste. Secondly, we want Slow Drive to live beyond the restrictions of date stamps and trends, speaking to kindred spirits two generations down the line as relatably as it does to those reading the magazine right now. Watch a clip of your Slow Drive being packaged using a recycled box.