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Slow Drive is an exploration of roads less travelled.

We get stoked on the travel EXPERIENCE:

The ever-changing horizon behind our beloved dirt roads and mountain passes. The waking up elsewhere with the new dawn reflecting possibility. The morning smell of the ocean and cool sea sand under our feet. The flickering of a fire cooking a simple meal. The hundred discoveries waiting at the end of a comfort zone.

Through capturing the EMOTION of a journey, rather than promoting a specific destination, Slow Drive aims to inspire readers on their own adventures, whether it be a two-week trip along an undiscovered coastline or just a stroll to the local corner shop.

We speak to a younger generation of traveller – those who cannot and will not relate to the glossy content served up by the average travel magazine. The “6 must do things” you end up skipping, because the stories at the local bar kept you up till after midnight.

Those who pile their friends in the back of a tired Corsa at a moment’s notice in search of Instagramable scenes that will probably get lost on their phones, but remain in their hearts forever. Those who don’t want to be labelled as tourists, but as travellers – those with a wildness in their hearts and a sense for adventure and exploration.

DSC_5624-1-1Our Story

“My first peek at this world came from the backseat of the car driving through the country with mom and dad. Dad would always look for that ‘perfect tree’ to stop under next to the road and I would laugh as mom got playfully annoyed with him and his constant search for the best view. The experiences with them I hold dearest and prompted the creation of Slow Drive in 2014 to share my love for the road.”

– Guillaume Marais

Our Editor

“There’s something about being semi-nomadic every once in a while. About setting out into the unknown, only to recognise the essence of ‘home’ in various people, places and moments along the way. I guess it’s this strange balance between getting completely lost and finding… something… that draws me to travel. Explore. Adventure. The road. Whatever it is you like to call it.

Tapping into the very wild heart of wanderlust, Slow Drive has the potential to become the creative confluence for a new generation of traveller to whom destination is irrelevant and connection, essential. I’m super stoked to be part of the journey.”

– Nadia Krige

V1_amore_garden-500x500Our Readers

Our readers are the curious, the travellers, those who have come to know the value of slowing down and simplifying and those who (like us) are trying to do just that every day. Those who value experience and memories.

They love a good story, for it inspires them to create. To journey, for it teaches them not just to live, but to be alive. They want to feel connected, not like they’re simply passing through – they crave something deeper, more meaningful. With an affinity for beauty – in all its forms – at their core, they collect stories, appreciate true craftsmanship, dream, think, do, love. They laugh and they cry. They believe in the good of their fellow man.

SD_vol1_circle-500x500The Magazine

Slow Drive takes the form of a limited edition, print-based publication with a sense of permanence. Something that can sit on a coffee table to celebrate the great work of our contributing photographers and storytellers.

The fleeting moments captured, making them lasting, as opposed to getting lost in a fury of mouse clicks online. Something that can be enjoyed timelessly.

Printed bi-annually in Cape Town, South Africa, with stoke from all over the world.


Each volume feature photos and stories by a number of contributors from all over, generously submitting their incredible work when the only incentive is a copy of the mag. Without them, this would not be possible.

Content for the publication include photography, features, photo essays, portraits, field notes, short stories, journal outtakes, essays, fiction, interviews and dialogues between friends from the road. If you have an idea for content, either print or online, or would like to share your work, we are more than happy to take a look.